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practice Practices 8

  • D Design Sprint
    The Design Sprint is a five-phase process to get a tangible product prototype in a short period of time.
  • L Lean Canvas
    Lean Canvas is a very useful visual planning method.
  • D Design Thinking
    Design Thinking involves developing design concepts that are user-centric by applying cognitive, strategic, and practical processes.
  • F Fail Fast
    Debugging can be very annoying.
  • M MVP
    The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) represents a concept from Lean Thinking that emphasizes the impact of learning in new product development.
  • V Value Proposition
    Value Proposition Canvas is a visual tool that helps to understand the customer's requirements by defining the customer segment and the value proposition.
  • C Clickable Prototype
    A Clickable Prototype shows a visual representation of the user interface of a website or software application.
  • W Wireframing
    A Wireframe is a technical and visual representation of the UI.

problem Problems 1

  • I Increased Cost
    How much money do you spend on a project and how to reduce the possible increase in cost but keep the development effective? It can be tricky to measure the development cost because no two projects are the same.