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  • A Automated Deployment
    Automated Deployment is a practice that allows you to ship code fully or semi-automatically across several stages of the development process - from initial development right through to production.
  • D Dockerizing
    Dockerizing is the process of packing, deploying, and running applications using Docker containers.
  • A Apache Kafka
    Apache Kafka is used as a high-available messaging queue.
  • C Continuous Delivery
    Continuous Delivery is a practice that enables you to release new product changes to your customers at any given time.
  • Continuous Integration
    Continuous Integration (CI) is a practice of integrating code changes on a daily basis.
  • D Devops
    DevOps is a set of practices that combines the work of two teams: software development (Dev) and information technology operations (Ops).
  • O Operations Logbook
    Operations Logbook allows you to collect, store, and share data in real time and dig your historical data easily.
  • T Team Roles Definition
    Team roles describe interactions of the team members.
  • I Infrastructure as Code
    IaC is a principle (or process) of provisioning and managing your infrastructure through machine-readable definitions instead of using physical hardware configuration.

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