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Research & Analysis

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The Research & Analysis phase is where the project or the product life cycle begins. Research is typically used for answering any critical questions and to determine the real value of the future product. Analysis then breaks ideas into epics and prepares everything that is needed for development.

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  • C Clickable Prototype
    A Clickable Prototype shows a visual representation of the user interface of a website or software application.
  • D Design Sprint
    The Design Sprint is a five-phase process to get a tangible product prototype in a short period of time.
  • Design Thinking
    Design Thinking involves developing design concepts that are user-centric by applying cognitive, strategic, and practical processes.
  • Documentation Testing
    Documentation testing is a few processes of continuous feedback gathering and documentation improvements based on feedback.
  • E Extreme Ownership
    The concept, popularized by a former NAVY Seal Jocko Willink’s recent TedX talk gone viral, borrows heavily from Mahatma Gandhi’s famous “Be the change you wish to see in the world.
  • F Fail Fast
    Debugging can be very annoying.
  • G Good Developer Experience
    The Developer Experience (DX) describes the experience developers have while using or working on your product.
  • J Jobs To Be Done
    Jobs To Be Done is a framework using which you can create more value for your customers.
  • L Lean Canvas
    Lean Canvas is a very useful visual planning method.
  • M MVP
    The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) represents a concept from Lean Thinking that emphasizes the impact of learning in new product development.
  • T Test Cards
    In a Lean Startup setting, it’s important for you to validate your business ideas before scaling them.
  • U UX Prototyping
    As mentioned above it's a model, a simplified version of a system meant to test or present specific aspects of it.
  • UX Strategy
    A UX Strategy is a plan that supports the overall Business Strategy.
  • UX Testing: Goals
    UX Testing shouldn't be done as a general "data fishing" activity.
  • V Value Proposition
    Value Proposition Canvas is a visual tool that helps to understand the customer's requirements by defining the customer segment and the value proposition.
  • Vision
    A vision's purpose is to unify and motivate people and teams towards achieving an ultimate goal.
  • W Wireframing
    A Wireframe is a technical and visual representation of the UI.

problem Problems 6 All Problems

  • B Bad Product-Market Fit
    Bad product-market fit means that the market does not want your product.
  • F Finger-Pointing And Blaming
    It was not my fault - Martin did it! He butchered the business analysis.
  • I Increased Cost
    How much money do you spend on a project and how to reduce the possible increase in cost but keep the development effective? It can be tricky to measure the development cost because no two projects are the same.
  • L Long Feedback Loops
    Long Feedback Loops mean that the delay between actions and reactions increases and the team becomes frustrated and demotivated.
  • S Sunk Cost
    Sunk costs is a commonly used term for any form of a resource, invested attempting to reach future gains, that is not possible to gain back in any form, regardless of the investment outcome.
  • U Unnecessary features
    Necessary features are those adopted, useful, and loved.