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Launch phase is an important step for the production launch of any application. This phase contains functional testing, way of release definition, and acceptance criteria validation. Clients or business representatives are usually involved. It is important to monitor the product closely and ensure it works as intended right after launch.

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  • G Good Developer Experience
    The Developer Experience (DX) describes the experience developers have while using or working on your product.
  • P Penetration Testing
    Penetration Testing is a practice of testing a computer system, network or a web application to find flaws and potential security vulnerabilities.
  • Performance Testing
    Performance Testing is a practice that helps to identify if your product will perform well under a specific workload.
  • Pilot Project
    Pilot projects verify new functionalities or applications under real-time operating conditions implemented in a sample of clients.
  • S Smoke Testing
    A Smoke Test is aimed to verify that the most important features of the product really work.

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