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Jan 23, 20244 min read

Developer Portal

What is a Developer Portal?

When it comes to service adoption and integration, the Developer Portal is where a developer can go for all the resources they could possibly need. Users, mostly developers, can find information about the company's API (Application Programming Interface) services, SDKs (Software Development Kits), and other service integration options. View the developer portal as a one-stop shop for guides, technical documentation and code examples, with a developer focus.

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Why might you want a Developer portal?

Now that you understand what a developer portal is, you may be asking why you should care about making one. It is crucial to realize that a developer portal is exclusive to businesses that provide developer tooling. There is little to no reason to consider a developer portal unless you have a publicly accessible API or another suitable method of integrating your services programmatically.

If you offer developer-centric services, consider maintaining a developer portal, without a doubt. Most of the time, developers are more interested in technical data and straightforward information than attractive marketing. And that's exactly what the Developer Portal offers.

In addition, the developer community is of very large scale. If you become known as "the one with a great dev portal" within this group, it will help you acquire new customers. In other words, a word-of-mouth marketing strategy is one of the most powerful in the realms of software development.

Problems the Developer Portal Helps to Solve?

The developer portal provides solutions to numerous issues and situations. Some benefits of setting up a dev portal are as follows:

  • Embrace a new customer segment by opening up your products to them.
  • Use your tools to drive communication and relieve pressure on support.
  • Find out how people are really using your product by analyzing their behavior.
  • Keep the community updated on newly released and upcoming products.
  • Gather feedback from users by inviting them to try beta versions of your product.

How to create a Developer portal?

Where to begin is a bit of a challenge because this is a wide-ranging subject. Naturally, consulting a business like DX Heroes, which specializes in creating bespoke developer portals, is your best bet.

If this is not an option for you, here are some of the steps you should consider:

  • Understand what you have to offer to the community.
  • Make a strategy for the features you intend to make available to developers.
  • Create a blueprint for your portal and arrange its components in a sensible hierarchy.
  • Make sure the entire developer portal follows the same language structure and style.
  • Take inspiration from the successful implementation of completed portals.
  • Keep all available information up-to-date.
  • Automate everything that's possible to be automated.

Common Pitfalls of the Developer Portals

Keep in mind that the Developer Portal might present you with a few important challenges:

  • The most serious concern is that the information provided in the developer portal will not be up-to-date. Keep an eye out for this at all times.
  • Lower developer interest than expected can result in loss of interest and a failure to keep information updated and promoted.
  • Poor onboarding is an issue that affects many companies. Before potential customers can begin using your service, you must ensure that they have clear and accurate instructions on how to do it.
  • Ignoring developer's feedback causes a greater number of users to depart than join. Additionally, developers tend to be helpful and can have a clear understanding of what they need.

Great developer portals

Developer portals such as Stripe and Discord are excellent examples. Feel free to explore it in search of ideas.

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