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Main purpose of the maintenance phase is to prevent possible failures, to improve the system functioning, and to lengthen the useful life of the implemented software. All of this is largely ensured by proper monitoring, logging and error reporting, hand-in-hand with operational documentation, and well-set DevOps.

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  • G Good Developer Experience
    The Developer Experience (DX) describes the experience developers have while using or working on your product.
  • O Operations Logbook
    Operations Logbook allows you to collect, store, and share data in real time and dig your historical data easily.

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  • D Demotivated Team
    Demotivated team can be a disaster for the business - the team members produce less and less work.
  • M Meaningless Work
    Meaningless work can be a feeling that the work I am doing has no meaning or it can mean that the product I am working on is not valuable.
  • N Not My Problem Mentality
    One of the very dangerous approaches to a team work is “Not My Problem” mentality and it is an opposite to a healthy team collaboration.